Lunch – Vardagar från 11.30 – 14.30

Daily lunch is served between 11.30 – 14.30.
Price for Fish Dish of the Week, Meat Dish of the Week, Vegetarian Dish of the Week 239:-
Includes salad buffet, home baked lingonberry bread, sourdough bread, coffee and cookie.
We also serve a weekly business lunch.

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Lunch Menu v33

Fish Dish of the Week

Grilled salmon served with potato puree, cream boiled shellfish with green peas, spinach and green onions and buttered langoustine broth, lemon and crispy herb salad

Meat Dish of the Week

Cooked salted brisket served with mustard veloute, root mash with marjoram and browned butter, steamed green beans with herb salad and freshly grated horseradish

Vegetarian Dish of the Week

Halloumi steak with carrot, cabbage and beetroot served with spicy ratatouille on cherry tomatoes, fried potato wedges turned in parsley, tzatziki with herb salad and pickled cucumber

Business Lunch of the Week


Handpeeled shrimp topped with bleak roe served on Danish rye bread with pickled red onion, crispy herb salad and dill vinaigrette

Main Course

Fried Cod Loin and cod cheek served with seafood croquettes flavored with fresh herbs and cheese, butter fried mixed autumn mushrooms with spinach, parsley and spring onions and Vermouth beurre blanc with bleak – and trout roe


Blueberry cheesecake served with vanilla and lemon ice cream with crême friche, blueberry coulis, mini meringues wth lime and fresh bluberries and blackberries

3 Course 875:-

Sailing Dishes

Butter Fried Cod Loin

Served with hand peeled shrimps, browned butter, freshly chopped horseradish and dill cooked potatoes 395:-

Fish and Shellfish Soup

Served with today’s fish catch, handpeeled shrimps and cheese cream 295:-

Steak Rydberg

Diced fillet of beef, dijon mustard cream, sautéed onions, potatoes fried raw and egg yolk 395:-

Caesar Sallad

Romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons.
295:- with herb fried farm chicken
315:- with shrimps

Shrimp Sandwich

Handpeeled shrimps served with dill mayonnaise, grated horseradish, egg and salad 295:-

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